Representatives of national cultural centers received high awards of the state ( 25.01.2017 )   

Representatives of national cultural centers received high awards of the state

Uzbekistan contains
a great deal of wealth,
the most essential and valuable for the country
is peace, interethnic
accord and amicable
atmosphere reigning
in our society.
Islam Karimov



About activity of the Republican international cultural centre

Today in Uzbekistan education of culture of tolerance, including, international and religious, has turned to one of priority directions of a state policy. The mite in perfection of international relations, satisfaction of growing representatives of the various nations national-spiritual needs living in the country and nationalities is brought by the Republican international cultural centre (RICC). Created in 1992 at the initiative of the head of our state Islam Karimov right after findings of independence RICC by Uzbekistan promotes development of the national cultural centres, rendering them the all-round practical and methodical help in work on preservation and development of original customs inherent in everyone nation and traditions, language, conducts multiplane work on stimulation and encouragement of the public initiatives directed on the statement of principles of tolerance, development of multinational culture and international relations in the spirit of a love for the country, mutual understanding and the consent. Today RICC co-ordinates activity, renders the organizational and methodical help to all national cultural centres (NCC). And them in republic is already nearby 150, 14 from them have the status republican which branches operate in many regions. However that they have grown qualitatively is represented to the main things, there was rather authoritative public organisations, which on a shoulder a decision of various challenges not only the cultural-educational plan, educational, spiritual, but also political, social. All these years there was a perfection of directions and forms of activity RICC and NCC. This process inseparably linked that initiative citizens came to the centres, the enthusiasts ready voluntary gratuitously to work for the sake of revival of national culture. Their work supported and highly appreciated by the government of the country and personally by President I.Karimov, has yielded fruitful results. Today, perhaps, is not present in the country of such representatives which would not know, did not hear about the national cultural centres. The authority of the centres has considerably increased in connection with carrying out in 2003 and 2005 of republican festivals «Uzbekistan - Our general house», and in 2006 of festivals «Our force in unity», «The native land - Unique, the native land – One», devoted to independence of native Uzbekistan. They have passed more than in 70 cities and settlements of the country and became bright large-scale, very emotional holidays of national cultures, unity and friendship of the multinational people of Uzbekistan. Preservation and development by centuries of formed national traditions and customs of representatives of all nations living in republic and nationalities, development of patriotism and responsibility for destinies of the Native land have been directed on strengthening of the international consent, the world and stability in the country. These festivals became original review of activity of the centres and the experience saved up by them, passed in the best theatres, parks, at stadiums, collecting from some hundreds to several thousand spectators. And everywhere active workers of the cultural centres, other participants of festivals of different nationalities showed skill and knowledge of national roots of culture, having co-ordinated to realities of today, expressed the love to the sacred native land, unity of aspirations to its prosperity. Together with it, festivals became the certificate of what attention is given in our country to development and revival of national cultures, national dances, songs, including folklore, creativity of youth and children, to friendship strengthening between the nations and nationalities living in republic.
The republican international cultural centre and the national cultural centres organise set of actions - national holidays, festivals, is musical-poetic evenings, meetings with known art workers of different diasporas. The important part of work is carrying out of the joint conferences devoted to development of international relations in Uzbekistan which invariably cause the wide response in a society. From the last it is possible to name such conferences, how «The Republic Uzbekistan constitution: the right, a duty and responsibility» «National diasporas and their role in strengthening of the uzbekish-russian humanitarian cooperation» «The world and stability - a primary factor of prosperity of a society». The centres actively participate and in the actions dated by nation-wide holidays - to Independence Day, the Constitution day, Navruz and another.
The proof of a recognition of the big role of the national cultural centres in preservation in the country of conditions of the world and the civil consent is that their many active workers have the state awards. A high rank «The hero of Uzbekistan» Representatives of the Tadjik, Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian, Korean diasporas are awarded. The republican international cultural centre became today a staff where all versatile work NCC is co-ordinated. Besides, the important direction of activity is carrying out of scientific researches on studying of international relations. So since 2003 together with Committee on coordination of a science and technologies at the Republic Uzbekistan Cabinet scientific researches are spent on themes: «Increase of a role and value of the national cultural centres in strengthening of the international consent in the conditions of independence» «Ideas of national independence and actual problems of strengthening of international relations» «Activity of the national cultural centres in the conditions of Independence - the important factor of development of national-ethnic cultures». Within the limits of projects it is prepared and published more than 100 scientific articles, reports and performances, it is published more than 10 books. Activity RICC and the national cultural centres is widely shined in mass-media of our country and abroad, and also in Internet sites. Together with News agency «Jahon» The brochure is published «Uzbekistan - our general house», Intertsentra devoted to activity and the national cultural centres. And with studio documentary and educational films the documentary film is created «My native land – Uzbekistan», which is noted at republican competition «The greatest, the most expensive». As the President of our country I.A.Karimov marked, development of each country, its authority on international scene in huge degree depend on how many strong the world, stability, the international and civil consent in this country. The 17-year-old way of independent development of Uzbekistan and the reached successes prove these words.


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